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ZBS Capital partners with ChainBroker.io


ZBS Capital is proud to announce the strategic partnership with ChainBroker.io to highlight analytics on ZBS Capital investments & expand the investment opportunities together!

ChainBroker.io developed a platform for tracking private and public fundraising in crypto start-ups. ChainBroker highlights the latest information on seed, private, strategic, and IDO/IEO rounds via its Twitter & Telegram channels. Moreover, YouTube is coming (inside), so stay tuned).

ChainBroker.io has marked ZBS Capital as a TOP fund in the separate section & created a ZBS Capital profile with the recent investment. From now, users can check if the project is backed by ZBS Capital, check the performance of the project, ROI, price movement and more on ChainBroker.io.


Moreover, ZBS Capital & ChainBroker.io is going to expand the collaboration in different ways: share connections, qualify & evaluate projects, make the blockchain space better and clearer together! Stay tuned!

About ZBS Capital

ZBS CAPITAL is a VC fund dedicated to building a decentralized world together. ZBS CAPITAL story starts in 2017 with an ICO boom and continues nowadays. ZBS Capital has assembled the right team from all over the world with diverse experience in the main areas of blockchain, marketing and finance. ZBS CAPITAL supports promising early-stage projects & companies with finance and advisory help.

Website: zbs.capital
Twitter: twitter.com/ZBScapital
Telegram: t.me/ZBScapital

About ChainBroker.io

Chain Broker is a crypto platform for tracking private and public fundraising. We include the latest information on seed, private, strategic, and IDO/IEO rounds.

Website: chainbroker.io

Telegram: t.me/chain_broker
Twitter: twitter.com/chain_broker
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCBcZ0hoBZ9G5zPveqklAcJw

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