About us

ZBS Capital’s team consists of CryptoDiffer media channel founders. We utilize our media expertise and connections built over the years in cryptocurrency to ensure that even the most complicated ideas turn into reality.

Experts in crypto social media marketing

We are the owners of CryptoDiffer Media Channel, operating since 2018.
It has 300k+ Twitter Followings, and over 40k Followings in the telegram channel and group.
Quoted and followed by the biggest influencers, projects, and celebrities in the Crypto World.

One of the most powerful network in the industry

Our team members have a huge network that includes crypto companies, exchanges,  influencers,  consultants, marketing firms, gaming guilds, launchpads, market makers, and much more.

Advisors that have real understanding of the market

Our team has made hundreds of investments during the past years in various businesses and companies. At least a couple of our investments hit the secondary market per month, we observe and analyze their successes and failures and use this knowledge to help succeed our investments that are yet to launch.

ZBS Family

Our team constantly expands our business and enter new markets

Our Network

Our Network brings together vc’s, blockchain companies&products, and thought leaders to build and scale web3 startups

Our Projects

We actively develop various crypto projects in different fields.

We are always open for cooperation

Reach out to us and offer your project for review.

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