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Crypto Prediction Platform Oriole Insights Raised $1M Pre-Seed Round


ZBS Capital is pleased to announce its investment in the Oriole Insights prediction platform. ZBS Capital incubates the project and guides it through the challenges. Other investors include Oriole Ventures, which aims to provide value to prominent crypto start-ups. 

ZBS incubation means a wide variety of unique services and set solutions. The fund maintains excellent relations with multiple popular media channels. It also can introduce the team to other prominent market actors. Oriole Insights will become the first project incubated by ZBS Capital. Before this, it was focused on smaller-scale participation in product development. Through Oriole's development cycle, ZBS plans to get constant media coverage, tech support, and organizational consulting. Whatever the problem will encounter Oriole Insights, ZBS will find a creative way out.

The project requires a cutting-edge prediction platform. ZBS Capital has a service that can deal with this kind of task. ZBS Tech, a specialized software developer focused on blockchain technology, was tasked with such a demanding project. ZBS Tech will cover all the steps in the development process: design, front-end, and back-end development. They have already created viable products for CryptoDiffer.

Both teams will work closely to present a world-class product. All the collected funds will be allocated to product development, covering operation expenses, developers' salaries, and other costs.

Oriole Insights is a gamified prediction platform that allows users to vote on asset price changes. It combines an entertaining approach and learning techniques. Its basic mechanic, called UP/DOWN voting, is a process of predicting trends in price change. In this mechanism, you place your vote on either increase or decrease and choose an estimation date. Each day the price goes according to your prediction - you receive rewards in ORI - an internal asset. Each day the price goes against your predictions, you lose ORI. The goal of the voting is to catch a trend and to get as many days with positive results as possible. This competition mode is augmented by metrics like reputation and accuracy, which define the user’s success.

Besides newbies, the platform is suited for KOLs who want to prove their reputation and experienced traders who aim to test new strategies. It can provide a testing ground for every crypto expert to perform their strategies for the public to cement their reputation. It also can be a testing ground for individual traders who focus on catching price trends. It will be a less stressful and expensive testing ground.

On top of that, it creates separate yet cohesive data on the current market sentiment. This is very important as every actor in the crypto market is in a constant race to find more representative and deep metrics for analysis. Venture capital, angel investors, consultant firms, and individual traders create new ways to make sense of the market. Oriole Insights proposes a straightforward and honest way to assess public sentiment. It will provide its version of the Fear and Greed Index, sentiment scales, and changes in public opinion on specific assets. All these metrics will be unique and free to use for anyone looking for in-depth crypto analytics.

Its roadmap announces that the Design phase and Proof of Concept will be done by Q3 2022. Q4 2022 - Q3 2023 will mark the development stage, which will end up with MVP and an Alpha Test. In the first quarters 2024, milestones include DAO establishment, Public Beta, and expanding its voting system to Listing and ROI predictions. The long-term goals include NFT collection, crypto wallet integration, and a prediction tournament!

The seed and the private rounds of Oriole Insights are ongoing, and the information about them will be announced later. Keep in touch with ZBS Capital to know more about our investments and partnerships.

About ZBS Capital:

ZBS Capital’s team consists of CryptoDiffer media channel founders. We utilize our media expertise and connections built over the years in cryptocurrency to ensure that even the most complicated ideas turn into reality.

About Oriole Insights: 

Oriole Insights transcends the limitations of individual perspectives and rigid algorithms by harnessing a global community's diverse insights, experiences, and knowledge. It transforms forecasting into a dynamic, adaptive process enriched by real-time inputs from predictors worldwide.

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